5 Reasons Why Students Need Access To Acupuncture EHR While in School

August 28, 2017 Acupuncture Practice Management
5 Reasons Why Students Need Access To Acupuncture EHR While in School

Remember acupuncture training? Weren’t those years of discovery amazing?

Sure, years of intense study can teach you everything you need to know about the theory and practice of acupuncture. Your priorities can revolve entirely around learning to heal. That’s why you fell in love with acupuncture in the first place, right?

But what about after graduation? What about coming to terms with the nuts and bolts of running an efficient acupuncture clinic? What about making sure you satisfy the sometimes bewildering array of business and legal requirements?

It’s hardly surprising many early career practitioners feel like they’ve jumped into the deep end.

That’s why more and more educators now accept the importance of grounding future practitioners in the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR). In fact, it’s no secret that pre-career proficiency in acupuncture practice management software gives up and coming practitioners an edge in the struggle for success.


Here are five reasons why students need to learn about acupuncture EHR while still in school:

1) The future is already here

Acupuncture EHR is not simply the future of running a TCM clinic. It’s today’s reality. The days of paper records are receding into memory. And good riddance. There are overwhelmingly persuasive financial, logistical, and legal arguments for using acupuncture EHR in your professional, 21st century clinic. But if early practitioners are not already up to speed on EHR from the outset, they’ll be playing catch up. And nobody wants to be stuck in the past.

2) Practitioners should be able to hit the ground running

The first years of running a practice are exhilarating but often overwhelming. So how do we take that nasty overwhelming factor out of the equation? Preparedness. Schools should equip new graduates with more than just the skills to become great acupuncturists. It should also prepare them for the challenges of running a successful clinic. Practitioners should be able to hit the ground running with acupuncture EHR competence. It’s the best way to win the race.

3) It’s important to develop good habits early

The increasing professionalization of acupuncture means better delivery of care – efficiency, privacy, and attention to patient needs. Practitioners who start their careers with professional competence in their EHR management will better establish the habits for a successful career.

4) Preparedness makes for longevity

Early career burn-out is common. How often do talented young practitioners wake up one morning and cry in frustration – “this is not what I signed up for! Time for a career change!” Ensure that students are prepared for the challenges of running an acupuncture clinic. That way we’re more likely to see commitment for the long haul.

5) HIPAA compliance is not a casual matter

Acupuncture EHR are a privacy issue. As protected health information, EHR need to be handled with professional seriousness. As “covered entities”, acupuncturists in the US are legally obliged to be HIPAA compliant. If a practitioner isn’t competent in the management of EHR, mistakes can be made. The consequences for negligence can be serious.

Fortunately, integrated acupuncture practice management software is taking much of the pain out of running a practice. It’s never been easier to start out as a professional on the right foot.

Guest blog post by Matt Leask.