Frequently Asked Questions

What is UnifiedPractice?

Do I need a specific device or computer to access Unified Practice?

How long does it take for my clinic to implement Unified Practice?

Is Unified Practice a cloud based platform?

How does Unified Practice keep my information safe?

How do I transfer my patient data into Unified Practice?

What types of tools/features does Unified Practice offer?

How much does Unified Practice cost?

Is Unified Practice HIPAA Compliant?

What types of operating systems and platforms can I use Unified Practice with?

If I sign up, do I have to sign a contract with Unified Practice?

Are there any price incentives?

Who owns the data I put into Unified Practice?

Does Unified Practice work if the internet is down?

Can I manage my appointments on my mobile device?

How fast does my internet need to be to use Unified Practice?

Does Unified Practice integrate/sync with GCal, iCal?

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