Unified Practice Team

Who We Are

Unified Practice is a technology company that provides a fully integrated acupuncture software for TCM practitioners, available on iPad, web and mobile (iPhone and Android).

At our core, we build technology that synchronizes and supports the complex work of Chinese Medicine practitioners from streamlining, scheduling and patient care, to unifying administrative functions and practice management.

Designed to work the way practitioners think, Unified Practice understands practitioners' unique processes to provide the support necessary to harmonize their work lives.

The Unified Practice journey

The Unified Practice journey started when one of the co-founders was in Taiwan completing a TCM internship at a leading city hospital.

After witnessing the full-scale integration of EHR there, which has existed for many years, its value and importance were clear but there were no viable or modern options for TCM practitioners.

It was at this moment that Unified Practice was concepted and since then, we have set out to build the first mobile, fully-integrated acupuncture EHR specifically for TCM practitioners.

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