Integrated credit card processing

Integrated payment processing saves you time and money.
Accept card transactions and store payment details – all within Unified Practice.

Provide a better and simpler checkout experience for your customers by storing payment details and charging them at the touch of a button to save time at checkout.

By processing payment cards directly from Unified Practice, you will increase patient collections and eliminate double-keying information for greater efficiency. Collect and automatically post patient payments for visits, repeat orders, prescriptions or no-shows with one click.

Accept all payment card types, including credit/debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, HSA and FSA.

Visa Master Card AMEX FSA HSA

Three easy ways to accept payments

In Person

Collect payment while the patient is present using a swipe device that connects to your computer through a USB cable


Accept payments made over the phone by entering payment card information directly in Unified Practice

Card on File

Provide a more efficient and contactless checkout experience by storing payment details so you can charge at the touch of a button or collect no-show fees


Fee schedule for payment processing:
  • In person payments - When a customer dips or swipes their card in person, you pay 2.6% + 10¢ per transaction.
  • Phone/card on file payments: When you or your customer manually key in the card details or use a card on file, the fee is 3.5% + 15¢.
  • One free swipe device with USB cable
  • No setup fee
  • No monthly fees
Fee schedule

Key Features

Streamlined credit card payment collection by swiping while the patient is present

  • Appointment Billing
  • Patient File Billing
  • Product Sale - for both clinic patients & walk-ins

Collect card details at time of appointment

  • Easy payment processing at time of appointment
  • Charge no-show fees based on your clinic's cancellation policies

Process payments, voids & refunds

  • You can key-in or swipe credit card directly from UP - no need to be redirected to another page outside Unified Practice
  • You can choose to save the credit card on patient’s file for subsequent payments

Improved Security

  • Patients can choose how to share their credit card information - in person by swiping, entering the details themselves or sharing details over the phone to the clinic

Additional features

  • Store credit cards securely in Unified Practice for card not present transactions
  • 48h Deposits
  • FSA & HSA cards accepted

Transaction fees are deducted one time at the end of the month

  • Unlike other credit capture devices that take fees from each individual transaction (making it hard to reconcile monthly/quarterly/annually), only one lump-sum fee is deducted at the end of each month based on the pricing listed above
  • As an added bonus, you are building business credit with each transaction!
  • Coming soon - Swiper device for iPads*

    • iPads and tablets do not connect with the swiper that is provided for this integration. Credit cards can be keyed in on iPad’s browser and are considered card-not-present payment transactions