Integrated credit card processing

Integrated payment processing saves you time and money.
Accept card transactions and store payment details – all within Unified Practice.

Provide a better and simpler checkout experience for your customers by storing payment details and charging them at the touch of a button to save time at checkout.

By processing payment cards directly from Unified Practice, you will increase patient collections and eliminate double-keying information for greater efficiency. Collect and automatically post patient payments for visits, repeat orders, prescriptions or no-shows with one click.

Accept all payment card types, including credit/debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, HSA and FSA.

Visa Master Card AMEX FSA HSA

Three easy ways to accept payments

At Time of Booking

Require patients to enter payment details at time of appointment request or booking to quickly collect payment after appointment occurs


Accept payments made over the phone by entering payment card information directly in Unified Practice

Card on File

Provide a more efficient and contactless checkout experience by storing payment details so you can charge at the touch of a button or collect no-show fees


Fee schedule for payment processing:
  • One flat rate of 2.95% + $0.30/transaction
  • No setup fee
Fee schedule

Key Features

Streamlined credit card payment collection

  • Appointment Billing
  • Patient File Billing
  • Product Sale - for both clinic patients & walk-ins

Collect card details at time of appointment

  • Easy payment processing at time of appointment
  • Charge no-show fees based on your clinic's cancellation policies

Process payments, voids & refunds

  • You can key-in credit card directly from UP - no need to be redirected to another page outside Unified Practice
  • You can choose to save the credit card on patient's file for subsequent payments

Improved Security

  • Patients can choose how to share their credit card information - in person, entering the details themselves, or sharing details over the phone to the clinic

Additional features

  • Store credit cards securely in Unified Practice for card not present transactions
  • 48h Deposits
  • FSA & HSA cards accepted

Transaction fees are deducted one time at the end of the month

  • Unlike other credit capture devices that take fees from each individual transaction (making it hard to reconcile monthly/quarterly/annually), only one lump-sum fee is deducted at the end of each month based on the pricing listed above
  • As an added bonus, you are building business credit with each transaction!

Integrated support

  • With UnifiedPay, the Unified Practice support team is your support team for payments and credit card processing

In-app reporting

  • Integrated reporting allows you to track volume and revenue all within Unified Practice