What is the CURES Act and What Does it Mean for You as a Practitioner

Source: As of April 5, 2021 the Cures Act requires that all healthcare providers give patients immediate access to their health...

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acupuncture email marketing

Why You Should be Focused on Email Marketing

In a world where marketing often falls to the back burner of your clinic’s to-do list, finding ways to engage with your patients or build your...

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new year resolutions

New Year, New Routines

At this point we are all used to the “new norm” and we are starting off 2021 knowing how to handle our day to day. But that doesn’t mean we...

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credit card policy ehr

Credit Card Policy Enforcement: Take Control of Your Schedule

With the need for flexibility, you may be struggling with your schedule and maintaining appointments. Patients may need to cancel at the last minute...

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acupuncture practice management

The Scope of your Practice is Wider Than you Think

As we continue to navigate the ever changing COVID-19 landscape, we are realizing the need for flexibility and fluidity. Our industry has been...

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acupuncture practice management tcm cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: TCM and Breast Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in women, with 1 in 8 women developing breast cancer in their...

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tcm covid19

Summer Is Over, But COVID Is Here To Stay

Since COVID-19 began spreading months ago, we have been learning to navigate “the new normal.” Gathering information, hoping for good news, and...

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acupuncture practice management tips

How To Create A Welcoming Contact-less Clinic

Designed by Freepik As you’ve built your clinic, you probably have tried to anticipate every detail that could make the patient experience less...

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Woman meditation outside

Why You Should Teach Your Patients How To Meditate Now

During a time when the world is facing the highest rate of anxiety and depression, meditation is one of the best tools you can arm your patients with,...

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Fullscript Unified Practice

Get Seamless Supplement Support with New Fullscript Integration

We’re committed to providing our practitioners with all the tools necessary to streamline their clinics and make managing their business simple. As...

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acupuncture marketing tips

3 Things To Keep In Mind While Marketing To Your Patients

One of the biggest hurdles facing clinics today is understanding how to effectively market to their patients to ensure they are spending their time,...

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Why Teaching At-Home Acupressure To Patients Is A Good Idea

Within all the TCM modalities that practitioners can perform, acupressure is one of the easiest and most accessible modalities to teach patients to...

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