medicare acupuncture coverage photo

Will Medicare Cover My Insurance?

Medicare said it’s moving toward covering acupuncture for chronic low back pain as an alternative to opioid painkillers.

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Transformational Acupuncture Insurance Verification

A Clinic’s Success With Unified Practice’s Insurance Verification Service

Thinking of trying Unified Practice's Insurance Verification service? We wanted to share a bit of Transformational Acupuncture’s story in case it...

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IEV release product add-on feature image

Save Time And Avoid Headaches With Our Insurance Verification Feature

Insurance Verifications is Unified Practice's newest add-on, which will save you a lot of time and unnecessary headaches.

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First time acupuncture feature image

8 Things to Expect From Your First Acupuncture Experience

Here's what you need to know before your first acupuncture session so you feel at ease and excited to heal your body in a new way.

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Acupuncture best practices tips feature photo

5 Time-Saving Tricks To Manage Your Practice Smarter

As a TCM professional, it may feel like there’s never enough hours in the day. Here are some helpful time management strategies you can try today.

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herbs for TCM clinic webinar

Webinar Recording And More: How to Build Your Clinic Revenue with Herbs

Watch this webinar recording with herbs expert Cathy Margolin, where we discuss how herbs can increase revenue, improve patient outcomes, and more.

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Acupuncture role in the West

Acupuncture’s Role In Western Medicine

Let's look at acupuncture and see how it fits within our Western world and approach to health and healing.

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Matt Callison Book Excerpt feature image

Motor Points: An Excerpt From Matt Callison’s Upcoming Book

Matt Callison has a new book coming out, and he's shared an exclusive excerpt here before it hits the shelves.

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Why you should chart on an iPad

Why Should I Be Charting On An iPad?

Here are some reasons why adopting the Unified Practice iPad EHR will transform your work and relationship with patients.

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acupuncture for labor and delivery

Acupuncture On the Labor and Delivery Floor

How does acupuncture fit on a labor and delivery hospital floor? We spoke with Patrick Boswell to hear how he uses TCM within Western hospital walls.

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CBD oil in TCM practices

CBD Oil and TCM: How to Answer Your Patient’s Questions

Scientists are learning how CBD can promote wellness and reduce pain. We’ll break down the complexity of CBD and explain how it fits into TCM.

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opioids vs acupuncture for pain

Can Acupuncture Help Alleviate the Opioid Crisis?

The United States is in the middle of an opioid epidemic. What role can acupuncture play in solving the crisis while alleviating pain?

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