Acupuncture Practice Management

Streamline Your TCM Clinic with Technology

How can you, the practitioner, save time, save money, save resources so that you can find the right revenue model for your clinic? Are there any tools...

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Take Your TCM Clinic to The Next Level – Conquer Your Fear

In running a business, fear can be inhibiting and restrict your potential for growing your TCM clinic. Here's how you can conquer your fears.

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Future of TCM

Let’s Talk About The Future of TCM

Unless you happen to run a nifty sideline in fortune telling, it's going to be tough to know what lies ahead for your field. The future is always a...

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Outdated hardware - electronic health records system update

Tech for Acupuncturists: Use It or Lose It

Acupuncture clinics with a long lifespan will have almost inevitably accumulated obsolete technological hardware. When running a business, keep in...

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TCM Scheduling with Unified Practice

Professional Scheduling For Acupuncturists

By utilizing acupuncture practice management software with an efficient integrated scheduling feature, you will be able to stay on top of a rigorous...

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Market research - EHR acupuncture

Keys To Having A Successful Clinic – Enter Market Research

To remain vital in a dynamic industry, TCM practitioners need to learn what's going on now to plan for the future. Market research should be an...

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Investing in acupuncture practice management software


Isn’t just about the pasta, is it? Stick with me, people. I have a cautionary tale to tell. For years my wife and I used to patronize a quiet...

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TCM Reference Library

Building a Professional TCM Reference Library for The 21st Century

What do you think flashes into most patients’ minds when they imagine a medical professional’s office? Big desk? Check. Examination table?...

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From Lemon stands to professionalization - taking full advantage of the benefits of electronic medical records


Did you ever take the initiative to set up a lemonade stand? On summer days in my youth I used to drag my mom’s card table out to our suburban...

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How to Handle Seasonal Fluctuations in Your Acupuncture Practice

Do you know that feeling of being in sync with the seasons? There are good reasons people fall in love in the spring, thrive in the summer sun, slow...

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How to Improve Public Perceptions of Traditional Chinese Medicine

How to Improve Public Perceptions of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Every practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine confronts one common challenge. I’m not talking about the difficulties of running an...

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Networking for Acupuncturists

4 Networking Tips For Acupuncturists

If you’re a professional acupuncturist, your success in the field is always going to benefit from networking with fellow practitioners. There is...

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