Credit Card Policy Enforcement: Take Control of Your Schedule

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With the need for flexibility, you may be struggling with your schedule and maintaining appointments. Patients may need to cancel at the last minute if they aren’t feeling well or suspect they have been exposed to COVID-19. If you are currently offering telehealth appointments, you may have experienced no-shows for scheduled virtual appointments. These cancellations and no-shows not only result in loss of revenue, but disrupt your schedule. Blocking off time only to get the appointment late canceled or no-showed leaves you unable to fill those slots, see patients, and earn revenue.

To help alleviate these disruptions, we have added a new feature: the ability to charge cancellation and no-show fees. You can now set up fees for any or all services you offer. The fee amount may differ per service, and each service may have its own cancellation window requirement. For instance, you can establish a 24-hour cancellation window for new patients, and a 48-hour cancellation window for massages.

Because we recognize the need to be flexible and understanding towards your clients, you also have the ability to waive the cancellation fee. With the uncertainty of the current climate, and wanting to ensure the health and safety of yourself, your staff, and your other visitors, you may want to waive the cancellation fee even if the patient cancels within your cancellation window. 

Charging cancellation and no-show fees, at your discretion, can help you take charge of your schedule during these unknown times. We put together some helpful resources to address questions or concerns you may have.

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