Insurance Verifications

Verifying insurance is the foundation of any profitable medical billing practice. Learn how you can save countless hours with this feature.

Insurance Eligibility Verifications are the first and most important step in ensuring you are billing accurately. Full benefit breakdowns often require phone calls and the wait times can range from 20-45 minutes per verification.
Let our Insurance Verification Service save you time that you can reinvest into your clinic.

Insurance Verification

Patient eligibility verification - particularly when done in advance - ensures you have up-to-date and accurate insurance patient information and helps prevent unpaid or denied claims.

The Unified Practice Insurance Verification service was developed to seamlessly take over the burden of checking patient insurance benefits by phone before their appointment.

Unified Practice Insurance Verification is

  • Reliable - All verifications are performed via phone by the Unified Practice team
  • Seamless - This feature fully integrates with Unified Practice
  • Fast - Verifications are made within 2 business days
  • Visible - Your verification status and reports are available real time, right on the Unified Practice dashboard
  • Simple pricing - The first 3 verifications are FREE! And just $3.95 per verification thereafter

Easy to get started

No set up or training fees
No long term contracts
Easy online form

When you put the verification process in our hands, you receive:

  • Fewer surprises and greater patient satisfaction
  • Ability to accurately estimate insurance and patient payment portions
  • Higher/faster collections and reduced claim rejections

Why not eliminate patient uncertainty, collection issues, and reduce accounts receivable in your practice with one simple and affordable program?

What Clinics Are Saying

"I was skeptical that it would be so easy to submit claims and handle the insurance ends of things through Unified Practice, but that has been a breeze. I feel grateful that I was able to make that transition."


"I am very happy with Unified Practice and am grateful that as my practice grows I don't have to worry about changing systems, it's already set up to grow with me which I love."


"I love Unified Practice and recommend it to my colleagues. It's intuitive and easy to use once you're trained. I love that it's built for acupuncture practitioners and it's all-in-one software."



$3.95 per verification - for one service and up to 5 CPT codes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Insurance Verification (IV)

How much does it cost?

How are eligibility checks handled?

How fast are verifications made?

What triggers a verification?

How am I notified when a verification check is completed?

Where are completed verifications reported?

What questions do you ask when checking coverage and benefits?

Ready to get started?

Simply turn on the Insurance Verification on your Subscriptions Page to accept insurance with peace of mind.

When you turn on the service you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire so that we how to best verify insurance benefits for your clinic. The form should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. If you have any questions please reach out to our support team.