Get Seamless Supplement Support with New Fullscript Integration

July 02, 2020 Product Releases and Tips
Fullscript Unified Practice

We’re committed to providing our practitioners with all the tools necessary to streamline their clinics and make managing their business simple. As part of that mission, we’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with Fullscript for an exciting new integration on the Unified Practice platform.

About Fullscript

Now, with United Practice’s Fullscript integration, you can seamlessly prescribe medicinals and dispense professional-grade supplements from your EHR without interrupting your workflow. You can easily complement your acupuncture appointments by dispensing from the industry’s largest supplement catalog and engaging with patients using premade wellness content. Plus, Fullscript is 100% free to use.

How Fullscript works

By integrating Fullscript with your Unified Practice system, you’ll be able to easily access all of your patients’ information and order histories, recommend top-grade supplements held within the industry’s most comprehensive catalog, and watch adherence grow with automated refill reminders, autoship and patient communication.

To see Fullscript in action within the Unified Practice platform, watch this short video:

How To Activate Fullscript within Unified Practice

To get your Fullscript account up-and-running within Unified Practice, all you need to do is activate the integration. Here’s how:

  1. Go to any patient intake form and scroll to the “Plans-Herbs Rx” section where you will find “+Fullscript Rx” button.
  2. The first time you click on the “+Fullscript Rx” button, you’ll see a popup asking for your Fullscript login credentials. After entering your credentials, click “Authorize Application.”

If you want more information about how Fullscript works, don’t miss our live webinar on Tuesday, July 14 at 3pm ET. Even if you can’t make the scheduled time, register anyway to receive a recording of the demo. Register here.