Unified Practice: Revolutionizing Acupuncture EHR

April 27, 2023 Acupuncture Practice Management
revolutionizing acupuncture EHR

The concept of Unified Practice began with a simple, yet profound idea: to create an electronic health record (EHR) specifically designed for practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This idea was born when one of the co-founders, who was completing a TCM internship at a prestigious city hospital in Taiwan, witnessed the seamless integration of EHR—which had been in place at the hospital for many years. Despite recognizing the value and importance of EHR, the co-founder found that there were no options available that could fully meet the needs of the modern-day TCM practitioner. Thus, Unified Practice was conceived with the aim of building the first fully-integrated mobile acupuncture EHR tailored specifically for TCM practitioners.

Everything—in One Place

Unified Practice’s fully-integrated mobile EHR is a homebase for all aspects of managing a TCM practice, from appointment scheduling and patient communication to electronic health record (EHR) management and billing. This seamless integration saves practitioners time and effort, as they no longer have to juggle multiple software solutions to manage their practice.

Designed for Practitioners, by Practitioners

At Unified Practice, we understand that being a physician and running a clinic are not the same thing. That’s why we designed our software to work the way practitioners think. As our co-founder and many of our team members are practitioners themselves, we know the importance of having a software solution that is intuitive, responsive, and compassionate.

What Sets Us Apart

Unified Practice provides HIPAA-compliant chat, enabling practitioners to connect safely with patients and colleagues alike. This is increasingly vital in today’s world, where sound communication between all parties is essential. Our platform also integrates billing and report functionalities, making it easier for practitioners to manage their finances. This means that monitoring payments, doing daily reconciliations, or figuring out who owes you money (such as an insurance company or a patient) can be handled in one place.

In short, Unified Practice understands the unique challenges that clinics face, and we are committed to providing a software solution that is intuitive, responsive, and compassionate. Give Unified Practice a try and see how we can help streamline your clinic’s operations.