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With many people wondering whether or not there will be a COVID spike this coming fall, it is even more crucial that your patients’ immune systems are functioning optimally and, since preventative measures is one of the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine, you have the ability to “treat winter diseases in summer” with San Fu Moxa— a traditional treatment that has been administered as far back as the Qing Dynasty to support immune function and has been clinically researched to be effective.

Also known as “heavenly” or “celestial” moxibustion, San Fu Moxa is offered during the three 10-day periods that are said to be the hottest days of the year according to the Chinese Lunar calendar or “the dog days of summer.” Warming herbs that have been ground into a paste, usually with fresh ginger juice, are rolled into a ball, flattened, and then applied to acupuncture points on the back indicated for lung health. They are then secured with medical tape in order to bolster immunity in anticipation of the winter season.

During the San Fu period, the pores or “Defensive Qi” are open and receptive to expelling external cold pathogenic factors, thereby harnessing the strongest yang energy of the year and storing it for future use in preparation for autumn and winter respiratory ailments. The herbs can be left on the back for up to six hours and seeing blistering or some sort of heat/redness where the herbs were applied is common, as it indicates a successful treatment and that the herbs have entered the body. Such a reaction on the body is preferable and should not be a cause for concern. Any marks should not be permanent and will fade eventually. A warming or tingling sensation is appropriate, but if the patient feels any burning or pain in the applied area, the paste should be removed. If at any point the area feels irritated, the paste should be removed. If you have patients who have limited sensation you should use caution or refrain from this method altogether as they may not be able to adequately gauge the sensations occurring through the treatment. 

The dates for this year and next year for applying San Fu Moxa are:
– 2021 July 11, July 21, July 31, August 10
– 2022 July 16, July 26, August 5, August 15

Even though two of the days have already passed for this year, there are still two more remaining and still one or two treatments can be effective and improve lung health—preventing chronic respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, chronic coughs or colds, emphysema, and others in addition to helping those who are immune compromised or have an overall weak/susceptible constitution. Chinese Medicine says that after three consecutive years of San Fu treatment, these conditions will be fully cleared in the patient. 

Watch Heidi Lovie of Lovie Acupuncture and Healing discuss San Fu Moxa and offer instructions how to make it and apply it:

Add San Fu Moxa treatments to your Unified Practice offerings at your clinic for the two remaining periods this year!