Streamline Your TCM Clinic with Technology

April 02, 2019 Acupuncture Practice Management
Acupuncture Practice Management

Last month, Unified Practice had the privilege of creating and sharing a two-hour webinar on what we are  most passionate about – leveraging technology for profitability.

Love Your Practice is the first seminar dedicated solely to helping TCM practitioners grow their practice. Unified Practice was invited to join prestigious acupuncture and TCM leaders such as Matt Callison, Dr. Lamya Kamel, Dr. Greg Lane, Kim Neumann, Ra Adcock, Katrina Hanson,  Chad Conner, and Lhasa’s Carl Schwartz to share our insights into acupuncture practice management do’s and don’ts. Each speaker shared their expertise and experience with viewers in a Digital Summit designed to share clinic management insights and best practices for practitioners to implement into their businesses.

Our co-founder and CINO, Kenan Akbas, along with Customer Support Superstar Dr. Billy Ferguson shared their insights into running and managing a TCM clinic. While the talk was geared toward newer practitioners, the topics also serve as a reminder about the fundamentals of running a successful clinic by distilling it into two main takeaways: Increase Sales and Reduce Costs.

Together, Kenan and Billy discussed their recommended technology solutions in order to streamline the steps above. How can you, the practitioner, save time, save money, save resources so that you can find the right revenue model for your clinic?
Start by reviewing your most repetitive tasks. Are there any tools that automate these tasks?

These tasks can be anything from patient intake forms and appointment booking, to charting, marketing, treatment plans and more. What about communication in your clinic between staff? How do you advertise your business? How do you set goals for your patients? For your clinic? How can you use data to make better decisions in your clinic? Each of these tasks has a technological solution that could potentially save you time and resources if leveraged correctly. At Unified Practice, we understand both the technology and the types of decisions that TCM practitioners face in their clinics. We believe technology can be used to both increase revenue and decrease costs, resulting in profitability.

Want to see the full talk? Watch the video HERE

The right technology tools, such as choosing the right TCM Software, allow you to stay organized and informed on what’s happening on your clinic. From managing inventory and costs to growing your patient list, managing your practice doesn’t have to be a burden. At Unified Practice, we believe technology can ensure your practice stays growth-focused and profitable so that you can focus on treating and building relationships with your patients.

What technology do you use your in your practice? Did we leave anything out? Leave a comment below: