Top U.S. Hospitals Embrace Chinese Herbal Medicine

April 24, 2014 Health News
Top U.S. Hospitals Offer Acupuncture Services

Recently, the Wall Street Journal wrote an article highlighting the continued growth the TCM industry is experiencing in the United States. The article, entitled A Top Hospital Opens Up to Chinese Herbs and Medicine, sheds light on Chinese herbalism being embraced by top Western hospitals. Not only herbalism but a wide range of alternative medicine practices. Elite hospitals like the Mayo Clinic, University of California San Francisco, Duke University Medical Center are now offering acupuncture and massage among other services. In the “America’s Best Hospitals” list published by US News, all 18 of the hospitals listed provide some type of complementary and/or alternative medicine. There are many reasons why we are seeing the incorporation of Traditional Chinese Medicine becoming more integrated in Western hospitals. Many researchers state this is not only attributed to money but reference obligation saying that patients should have access to alternative therapies.

As Traditional Chinese Medicine continues to integrate with the mainstream US. healthcare, Western doctors have become more open minded to the possibility of partnering with a TCM practitioner and referring appropriate cases. This is a major step in the right direction. Both medicines have their purpose but ultimately it’s about what is best for the patient.

What are you thoughts? Are you looking to expand your practice by partnering with hospitals? Are you interacting with more patients who have never been exposed to Eastern medicine? Leave your comments in the section below.