Unified Practice Partners With Helioscript

November 19, 2019 Acupuncture Practice Management

At Unified Practice, we pride ourselves on creating meaningful partnerships with companies that share our goal of providing tools that help clinic owners better manage their business, which is why we’re excited to announce we’ve teamed up with Helioscript.

Helioscript is an all-in-one natural pharmacy management system. With Helioscript, clinics, practitioners, educational institutions, manufacturers, and distributors can take their natural medicine inventory online to receive and fulfill herbal prescriptions on behalf of practitioners across the country. Not only does having an online natural pharmacy provide the opportunity for those with a large herbal inventory to evolve their business and increase revenue, but it also helps practitioners provide their patients with herbal medicine without maintaining an inventory themselves. 

“As the natural medicine industry grows, we are excited to provide technology solutions to meet the needs of business leaders who are just getting started as well as those already established looking to streamline their sales and management process,” Jordan Wheeler, vice president of business development at Helioscript, said.  

Helioscript provides features to make operating your natural pharmacy easy, including scanner and scale integrations, shipping integrations, lot number tracking, expiry tracking, commission tracking, customizable white-label platform, and HIPAA-compliant email marketing.

“Here at Helioscript, we have built a HIPAA compliant platform from the ground up that solves for eCommerce capabilities, compounding, safety, and compliance,” Wheeler said.

Helioscript’s pricing is based on the size of your business: For independent pharmacies, clinics and educational institutions there’s a 5% fee per transaction while larger businesses, like manufacturers and distributors, will have custom pricing options.

“Our passion is natural medicine and we are looking forward to sharing that passion with our users,” Wheeler said.

Unified Practice is Helioscript’s first announced partnership. The integration of the two platforms is expected to launch by the end of March 2020.

Visit Helioscript’s website if you’re interested in learning more.