UnifiedPay: Our New Integrated Payment Feature

We’ve made it our goal to continually provide practitioners with new tools to increase efficiency and improve the patient experience: from booking to billing. We’re excited to announce another great new feature now available within the Unified Practice platform: a new, secure integrated payment solution.

With this integration, you can expect to pay flat fee rates for each credit card transaction, store credit card details securely in patient files, accept payment in person, over the phone, or by using a card on file, charge a cancellation or no show fee, and much more. 

Types of Payment

Unified Practice users will now be able to seamlessly accept card-present and card-not-present payments. With the ability to accept card-not-present payments, practitioners can store cards on file using secure tokens and/or automatically charge fees related to late cancellation policies. No more hassle of dealing with last minute cancellations or no-shows without charging your fees.

Pricing Details

UnifiedPay has simple, per-transaction pricing and no hidden fees. You’ll be charged a monthly invoice, rather than taking the fee from each individual transaction. This means UnifiedPay deposits your full amounts into your account and makes reconciliation a breeze!

  • UnifiedPay has a flat rate of 2.95% and $0.30 per transaction.

Because UnifiedPay is a merchant service, it also helps you build your business credit card with each transaction!

Additional Benefits of UnifiedPay:

In-App Reporting
: Integrated reporting allows you to track volume and revenue all from the Unified Practice reporting section

Integrated Customer Support: With UnifiedPay, the Unified Practice support team is your support team for payments and credit card processing

COLLECT CARD DETAILS AT TIME OF APPOINTMENT: Easy payment processing at time of appointment. You can also charge no-show fees based on your clinic’s cancellation policies

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