Webinar Recording: How To Manage Your Herbal Inventory

October 11, 2019 TCM Webinars
Acupuncture Webinar How To Manage Your Herbal Inventory

Starting or managing your own herbal pharmacy isn’t as tough as you might think. Unified Practice co-founder, Kenan Akbas and Greg Wilkins L.Ac., Director of Operations at Treasure of the East, discuss best practices of managing an herbal pharmacy, including keeping up with inventory levels and mixing formulas.

Watch the webinar:

What we discussed:

  • How to customize your toolbar within Unified Practice to easily streamline your workflow
  • How to re-prescribe or build formulas as well as print dosage and use labels using Unified Practice
  • How Unified Practice can help you keep track of and view inventory levels
  • Tips for running a successful herbal pharmacy
  • Tips and tricks on formula mixing
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More about Treasure of the East

Treasure of the East

For 25 years, this company has been the U.S. distributor for China’s leader in granule herbal extracts, Tianjiang Pharmaceutical. Their premium extracts are made from herbs sourced directly from over 300 farms across China; the herbs are authenticated using botanical fingerprint standards developed by Tianjiang and now adopted industry-wide by the China Food and Drug Administration. The exceptional potency and purity of our herbs are backed by 30 patents related to extraction, granulation and packaging, world-class ISO/CNAS laboratory facilities, and research collaborations with 22 TCM research universities and 26 TCM research hospitals.

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