Why You Should be Focused on Email Marketing

acupuncture email marketing

In a world where marketing often falls to the back burner of your clinic’s to-do list, finding ways to engage with your patients or build your patient list in consistent, targeted ways may feel daunting. Marketing experts believe that an individual needs five to seven “touchpoints” or interactions from a business to build enough trust to make a purchase decision (or an appointment). Luckily, not every “touchpoint” needs to be high effort. Social media engagements and email opens are included in those touchpoints and can be extremely impactful in your business’ growth.

Email marketing is a low-pressure yet extremely effective engagement method. Emails that provide your existing or potential patients with information about acupuncture and herbs, guidance on your services, or updates in your community all work to build trust between you and your patients. At Unified Practice, we take it a few steps farther. With our Constant Contact integration, you’ll be able to engage with the right patient at the right time. Search and set filters, like patients’ birthday months or a milestone anniversary with your clinic,  within Unified Practice to reach out to your current patients and communicate on a personal level. You can even target patients who haven’t booked yet and remind them of your services or offer promotional discounts. Our system filters according to your specifications to keep all of your PHI and PII safely within Unified Practice. Only the bare minimum of your patient’s info is sent over to Constant Contact. And since you can sign a BAA with Constant Contact, you’re protecting your patient data and ensuring HIPAA standards are met throughout your practice.

Now that you have the tools in place, we invite you to join us on a recorded webinar with acupuncture marketing expert, Michelle Grasek. Michelle Grasek, MS, L.Ac., is an acupuncturist and marketing strategist who’s been teaching marketing, both online and in-person, for six years. In that time, she’s taught marketing to over 2,000 acupuncturists. It’s her mission to help you grow your business using marketing techniques that are genuine and generous. She provides you with a repeatable framework to engage with your current patients, reactivate old patients, and build your patient list.  Discover her tips and ideas on trustworthy and valuable touchpoints to build meaningful relationships with your patients below.

Watch the Email Marketing Webinar here!